Nurturing your child's health

Our life pivots around our children. We don't mind stretching ourselves to provide the best of clothes, healthy food, good school and a lot more to our children. Unfortunately in this speedy life the one thing that gets neglected the most is your child,s physical and mental health. It's only when they fall seriously sick is when we take the decision of visiting a doctor. The doctor is not a person to be visited only for curing of a disease, as by only curing the disease we cannot guarantee a healthy childhood. A child's health can only be ensured by preventing a disease scenario. This can be achieved by a healthy body, a robust immune system and a healthy mind.

We surely want them to grow as healthy individuals, and wouldn't it be much more effective if we did it in a way they would enjoy the process. Injections that make them cry, bitter medicines that have side effects and a treatment that cause relapses, is not something we want our children to go through. When we look for a cure we expect to get to the root of it and pull it out of the system and that's what is most important for a healthy child.

Why holistic Homeopathic approach?

Childhood is a tender age. This is the time when a child is most affected or rather vulnerable towards emotional turbulence. It is scientifically documented now that the emotional disturbance can affect lot of our body system.

Holistic homeopathy is the only system that takes care of mental health also. By counselling of the kid and parent holistic homeopathy is capable of taking a comprehensive approach of treating the patient and not only the disease. The side effects of antibiotics can strike hard, especially to growing fragile children. Consequently, Dr. Ruchi started Paediatreat with an aim of making a disease free healthy society for children by means of homeopathy. In a pursuit of quick relief, many parents thrust antibiotics into their children’s stomachs but have no idea how damaging these pills can be. Moreover, in many cases, antibiotics just provide temporary relief. Here at Paeditreat, we focus on rooting out disease completely without making a child suffer of side effects. We not only cure children of diseases, we by way of homoeopathy, build their immunity by improving their sleep, appetite and other bodily functions.