• How do homeopathic medicines work?
    Homeopathy is a scientific mode of treatment where medicines are potentised form nano particles which help in fast and safe recovery.
  • Does homeopathy work slowly?
    The slow process of recovery in homeopathy is a myth. The healing rate is reasonably fast and with the introduction of a holistic approach towards the treatment, the results have been witnessed in a very short period of time. Also, this kind of treatment helps in curing the disease from the root with negligible chances of the disease occurring again.
  • Do homeopathic treatments increase the suffering of the problem in the initial phase and then cure it?
    This is another myth that people believe in when it comes to a homeopathic treatment. The above is applicable in extremely rare cases where there has been a lot of suppression due to steroids involved before opting for homeopathy. In most cases, the suffering begins to reduce with the medication.
  • Do homeopathic medicines contain steroids?
    No. Homeopathic medicines do not contain any form of steroids.
  • Can allopathic medicines be consumed during a homeopathic treatment?
    Yes. In some chronic diseases where the child is already under medication, allopathic drugs gradually be tapered into the treatment. After all, we believe that your child's health holds first priority.
  • At what age is it safe for a child to begin homeopathic treatment?
    You can introduce your child to homeopathy from the time he or she is born. It is completely safe and very effective.
  • How it is different from other school of medicines?
    At PaediaTreat we serve a more holistic way of treatment where the child is treated not just for their disease but for the reasons that cause the disease. Hence, the results are more curative.
    For eg: If your child is suffering from a common cold, and a course of antibiotic is taken for the same, the child might face a relapse and get a cold all over again. At PaediaTreat, we prevent your child falling sick in the future with medicines that build immunity and provide overall health solutions to the child.
  • Do homeopathic medicines have any side effects?
    No these medicines do not have any side effects and are completely safe for your little ones.
  • Do these medicines have an expiry date?
    No. Unlike allopathic medicines, homeopathic medicines do not have any expiry date and can be used as and when needed.
  • When we take medicines for temper tantrums of kids do they have any adverse effects and how effective they are?
    We have seen wonderful results at PaediaTreat for behavioural problems and temper tantrums. These medicines are made from flower extracts and are very effective and do not have any sort of adverse effect.