PaediaTreat Holistic Research Centre

Paediatreat is involved in lot of research activities. More than 100 patients are studied to understand the causation of diseases in each individual.
To understand why some kids fall sick more often than others; we studied the role of our genetic makeup, environment and behaviour in causation of disease.
Even with the genetic makeup of twins being similar, there is a possibility of one’s immunity being lower than the other. Genes play an important role in the health of a child. For example; children with a history of allergy, asthma or skin diseases give rise to children having allergic tendencies or atopic dermatitis.
Environment does have a role to play but cannot be blamed entirely as there are children who can tackle weather changes without falling ill. The explanation of one falling prey to these illnesses lies in ones genes, reaction to the environment, and various other factors. Our immune system is in a constant battle with the force of various diseases. A weak immune system falls short and therefore we fall sick.


The following chart was created after extensive study and the conclusion are explained in the same.
1- Genes
2- Environment
3- Immune system
4- Other factors.
As various factors involve illnesses, there are various factors that are responsible for recovery. Bringing forward the holistic way of treatment and care, we have managed to study a number of cases to understand how a child can be treated in the best possible manner.
An elaborate data of counselling, dietary restrictions and medication for various diseases is studied extensively and further a treatment plan for the child is tailor made on the basis of data acquired.