In House Counsellor

Dr. Nitin Saraswat
Dr. Naturopathy, M.A. Psychology, M.B.A, P.G.D.P.C

Dr. Saraswat is a practicing “psycho-spiritual therapist”. His healing techniques and psycho analysis have cured a number of patients who have been suffering from short and long term ailments.

Apart from his ace curing methodology, Dr. Saraswat is a motivational speaker and a corporate trainer with an experience of over 15,000 sessions in 17 years of his practice. Serving as a counsellor, Dr. Nitin has handled over 480 personal counselling cases and a countless number of group counselling sessions. Being a counsellor at the NBT (National Book Trust), Dr. Nitin has treated patients from various countries, backgrounds and cultures. With being an active member of the Ministry of youth affairs and a guest faculty at NSIC and OTS, RIPA Rajasthan, he has also been a trainer for the Rajasthan Police & IEC Government.

With seminars and workshops conducted all around the country, Dr. Saraswat believes in healing in spirituality. He also considers that an attitude transformation and enhancing quality of life by mind training and aligning thoughts leads to optimising work efficiency and bringing in positivity into one’s life.