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how to protect sunstrokes in kids

With summers, sunstroke are common issues in kids.

As a parent it is utmost important to take a special care of what the kid eats and drinks. Also, if in case the kid faces sunstroke, consult a Homeopathy Paediatrician. Always go natural as it will increase the immunity rather than focusing on short-term recovery.

Here’s a quick manual to as what should be your kid consume during the summer.

Avoid Packaged Sugary Drinks

Sugary drinks are never healthy and when it comes in a packaged form, it levels up the harmful content.

Prefer Coconut Water

Coconut water is one of the best liquid drink for any age group person. Kids love the way coconut water is presented. What’s best is that it taste very delicious yet healthy.

Drink lots of water throughout the summer

Water keeps the body hydrated and this gives all the reason to drink good amount of water in summers. This will maintain the water level in the body and refrain kids from getting drowsy.

Buttermilk after Meals

Drinking water after any meal is not a healthy practise. Instead, buttermilk should be the way to go.

Lemon Water with Rock Salt

Lemons are sour but healthy. Lemon water is probably one of the best drinks to recover a drained body. A pinch of rock salt to it will make It delicious and also provide the necessary salt to the body