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5 Ways to Prevent Hiccups in Babies

April 25, 2019 | Uncategorized | No Comments

how to stop Hiccups in babies

Hiccups are very common in babies, but they have the power to not only unnerve a new mother but also the baby.

Follow these steps to prevent Hiccups in the babies:

Feed your baby small quantities over a longer period of time rather than stuffing him in one sitting.

Hold your baby in a vertical position while breast/bottle feeding, at an angle of 35 to 45 degrees.

If your baby is old enough to sit, then you can bottle feed him in sitting position. Sit behind him to support his back.

Regularly clean and wash your baby’s bottle to prevent the build-up of milk solids.

Break your feeding with mini-burping sessions. Place your baby on your shoulder and gently tap his back between his shoulder blades, to induce a burp.