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As parents, our job is to protect, provide, care, and, cuddle. But things may become challenging once your children start growing up.

Don’t Ignore, Answer.

Avoid using phrases like, will talk later or I have some work for now. Rather, Answer!

Be Patient while Listening

Making a conversation more of a lecture won’t be fruitful. Let kids know you’re all ears to them. Hear them out.

Encourage and Appreciate their Curiosity

There would be instances when you feel that the topic is not to be discussed with children. At such moments, compose your thoughts and explain why they need not worry about such things for now.

Give the Age-Appropriate Answers

For kids, questions won’t ever stop coming in their head. Always gauge the amount of detail you should pour in the children’s mind.

Be Honest, Don’t Lie to Let Go

Your children believe in you. It’s your responsibility to stay true to the belief they hold in you. Be honest and speak the truth.

Stay Calm and Composed with Your Reactions

Generally, when we hear questions related to body structures, we and may react inappropriately. Instead, stay calm and composed with your thoughts, and answer smartly.