Stomach ache in children: Types and Tips to Prevent

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I would like to share my experience on this very crucial topic.

When my daughter was in 1st standard, I went as a substitute teacher in her school.

In those 7 hours I realized that every other kid was suffering from stomach pain.

The same story follows in my clinic as well. Every second child who walks in the clinic has an issue of infrequent stomach pain which lasts for few minutes and then the child is fine. In most situations, it’s not something to be worried about.

It can be indigestion, constipation, gasses, or a temporary stomach pain due to overeating or eating something which your body is not easily able to digest.  Some kids are allergic to specific kind of food which can also lead to stomach pain.

Another major reason for stomach pain can be the presence of worms in children’s stomach.

Types of Acute stomach pain parents need to know about:

Gastroenteritis– It is associated with loose motions, vomiting and fever.

Appendicitis– when the pain is very severe and located between umbilicus and right lower end of your abdomen

Urinary Tract Infection– Stomach pain is associated with urinary symptoms like difficulty in passing urine, burning while passing urine, fever, chilliness etc.

Intestinal Obstruction: It is a blockage that keeps food or liquid from passing through your small intestine or large intestine.

Tips to prevent stomach ache:

  • Most important tip is toilet training. Make it a point to toilet train your child. After getting up in the morning, you give them warm milk or water and ask them to sit on potty seat. Regular stool habits is very important.
  • If kids do not pass motion on time, they avoid going to the washroom during the day and the stools become hard and difficult to pass which eventually causes pain. So it becomes a vicious cycle hard stool which are painful.
  • Ensure the kids have a good intake of water.
  • Intake lots of fruits and veggies. (If the child is fussy eater mix the veggies in dal and paranthas)

Any serious problem- consult your doctor. NEVER SELF MEDICATE!!

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