Nasal Obstruction in Children: Causes and Remedies

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As a parent, imagine yourself on a day when you have a stuffy nose. The situation that you face is you cannot breathe freely, of course, but you also cannot speak, eat, or sleep. In short, your life seems to come to a halt. If this is the irritation level for a grown up, just imagine how difficult would it be for a baby? They not only get frustrated and cranky but also refuse to eat or sleep and get tired.

To make it worse, Nasal Obstruction or Nose Block can last for long in many kids.

This is the most common problem that kids face (commonly seen in infants to early years of childhood). Though it’s a trivial issue but it leads to lot of discomfort.

Here’re the major causes of Nasal Obstruction in Children:

Running nose

If the child is suffering from cold, they experience nose block due to nasal congestion.

Allergic rhinitis

If the child is suffering from allergic rhinitis i.e. frequent cold and sneezing. The nasal mucosa (turbinate) gest enlarged and leads to nose block.

Nasal polyp

Nasal polyps are soft, painless, noncancerous growths on the lining of your nasal passages. This confronts to one of the major reasons for Nasal obstruction.


Adenoids are glands situated behind the nose. Children with frequent cold and cough can have enlarged adenoids. Children will complain of nose block, difficulty in breathing and sleep with mouth open. A simple X-Ray can diagnose as they are not visible to a naked eye.

Deviated nasal septum

Right and left nostril is separated by a wall which is called nasal septum. Sometimes by birth or result of a trauma this septum gets deviated which can lead to nose block in children.

Remedies to cure nose block-

  1. Steam inhalation or a hot water shower
  2. Drink plenty of warm fluids- stay hydrated
  3. Blow your nose and don’t sniff
  4. It’s safe to use plain saline drops available in the market
  5. Keep head slightly raised while going to bed

Most kids experience this more at night and it causes difficulty in sleep. In ardor to avoid the discomfort just wash your face with warm water, blow your nose and have a little bit of steam inhalation before going to bed does wonders.

Homeopathic remedies– There are various homeopathic remedies that are of great help e.g. sambucus nigra, nux vomica, ammon carb, lycopodium etc

Homeopathy is an art of individualization and we believe that each child is different and needs a different medicine. It is advisable to please consult a doctor and don’t self-medicate in such issues with kids.

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