Dr. Ruchi Shirudkar: Interview with KIDS KRONICALS

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Name of organization – PAEDIATREAT- children at their fittest

Please describe yourself in two lines.

I am a doctor, a mother who is dedicated to drug and ailment free, happy healthy childhood and an innovator who is into research and development of holistic health therapies.

How were your growing up years like?

I was born in Agra in a family of doctors.  A family where love was in abundance.  Love was never ending and there was ever flowing warmth received at home, no matter what. Home coming was like basking in the abundance of love and selfless care of my parents.

What made you decide to become a doctor?

To be very honest my father always wanted one of his children to be a homeopath like him.  As my younger sister was inclined towards math, I being an elder child started feeling it’s my responsibility to fulfill his wish though he never voiced it out. With time I started liking the idea and gradually it turned out to be my passion.

Who’s your biggest Inspiration?

My father was my biggest inspiration. He is a homeopath and a strong believer that nature has means to cure. I always felt I need to follow his principles and create a world where we don’t pop a pill for every symptom.  Due to my father’s influence on me I always thought to be a homeopath.. As a child I loved the idea of taking the sweet pill whenever you are sick which saves you from the torment of gulping down bitter medicines.

How is it working in this sector?

I am a mother first and doctor later. Biggest trauma mother suffer is seeing child suffer and the torment of painful infections and bitter medicines that they have to see their child going through when they fall sick. It made my heart cry and I always wanted to develop something which keeps children healthy and happy. I wanted to take a step forward not only curing but making children healthier. Paediatreat’s mission is holistic healthy living and bringing together any to every therapy that is available. We are very happy to be succeeding doing so.

What are your future plans for Paediatreat?

Number of patient is never Paediatreat’s focus nor is the balance sheet.  Measure of our success is the number of smiles we are spreading and healthier childhoods that we are creating. Response is tremendous. We are very happy to create awareness among parents towards health rather than just curing the ailment. Our only mission is to create a world of happy healthy children and say no to over drugging.  We r looking forward to bringing all the therapies and cure systems under one ambit by our research and development centre that is attracting best intellect and therapist of the world.  To provide absolute holistic healthcare solutions. We want to make Paediatreat synonymous to healthy happy drug free living.

How to boost child immunity in winter?

1.Winter season is a natural phenomenon and human bodies are capable of adapting and surviving winters. There is no need to panic in the house. One of the major reasons of many children falling sick in winter season is shockingly not the cold weather that winter season brings but  it is the panic and over caution that most of the parents exercise.

2. Parents just need to take basic precautions like avoiding chilled food items in winter.

3. Make sure that your child is probably hydrated by making your child drink enough water.

4. Secondly eat healthy (lots of fruits and vegetables), sleep well and exercise.

5. Don’t overprotect your kids – let them play outside, when they play in mud and dirt they are exposed to various microorganisms which helps to build their immunity. Don’t restrict their movement and outdoor games.

6. Give fruits rich in vitamin c- like berries and citrus fruits which helps to build a stronger immune system

7. Avoid too many medicines and antibiotics

8. Walk or play in sun in mornings. – Exposure to sun helps in production of vitamin D which strengthens your immune system.

9. Reduce sugar intake.

How to ensure your child eats healthy?

Everything about child is training. Parent need to devote time and proper training so children are supposed to be trained to choose healthy food and are into healthy eating habits.

Does lack of sleep affect the child?

For children sleep is one of the essential factors responsible for their growth and mental ability. Sleep is very essential for all of us and especially for children. Lack of sleep in kids can lead to frustration, irritability and lot of crying in kids. Ensure that your child has fixed sleep patterns.  We as parents need to develop this. Having said that I will also like to add that each child is different and we need to work on each child differently. There are no fixed rules or straight jacket solutions.

What I really want to change about the world?

Bad parenting and over drugging.

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