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how to protect sunstrokes in kids

With summers, sunstroke are common issues in kids.

As a parent it is utmost important to take a special care of what the kid eats and drinks. Also, if in case the kid faces sunstroke, consult a Homeopathy Paediatrician. Always go natural as it will increase the immunity rather than focusing on short-term recovery.

Here’s a quick manual to as what should be your kid consume during the summer.

Avoid Packaged Sugary Drinks

Sugary drinks are never healthy and when it comes in a packaged form, it levels up the harmful content.

Prefer Coconut Water

Coconut water is one of the best liquid drink for any age group person. Kids love the way coconut water is presented. What’s best is that it taste very delicious yet healthy.

Drink lots of water throughout the summer

Water keeps the body hydrated and this gives all the reason to drink good amount of water in summers. This will maintain the water level in the body and refrain kids from getting drowsy.

Buttermilk after Meals

Drinking water after any meal is not a healthy practise. Instead, buttermilk should be the way to go.

Lemon Water with Rock Salt

Lemons are sour but healthy. Lemon water is probably one of the best drinks to recover a drained body. A pinch of rock salt to it will make It delicious and also provide the necessary salt to the body

5 Ways to Prevent Hiccups in Babies

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how to stop Hiccups in babies

Hiccups are very common in babies, but they have the power to not only unnerve a new mother but also the baby.

Follow these steps to prevent Hiccups in the babies:

Feed your baby small quantities over a longer period of time rather than stuffing him in one sitting.

Hold your baby in a vertical position while breast/bottle feeding, at an angle of 35 to 45 degrees.

If your baby is old enough to sit, then you can bottle feed him in sitting position. Sit behind him to support his back.

Regularly clean and wash your baby’s bottle to prevent the build-up of milk solids.

Break your feeding with mini-burping sessions. Place your baby on your shoulder and gently tap his back between his shoulder blades, to induce a burp.

answer questions of kids

As parents, our job is to protect, provide, care, and, cuddle. But things may become challenging once your children start growing up.

Don’t Ignore, Answer.

Avoid using phrases like, will talk later or I have some work for now. Rather, Answer!

Be Patient while Listening

Making a conversation more of a lecture won’t be fruitful. Let kids know you’re all ears to them. Hear them out.

Encourage and Appreciate their Curiosity

There would be instances when you feel that the topic is not to be discussed with children. At such moments, compose your thoughts and explain why they need not worry about such things for now.

Give the Age-Appropriate Answers

For kids, questions won’t ever stop coming in their head. Always gauge the amount of detail you should pour in the children’s mind.

Be Honest, Don’t Lie to Let Go

Your children believe in you. It’s your responsibility to stay true to the belief they hold in you. Be honest and speak the truth.

Stay Calm and Composed with Your Reactions

Generally, when we hear questions related to body structures, we and may react inappropriately. Instead, stay calm and composed with your thoughts, and answer smartly.

benefits of Apples for Babies

Apples are no doubt good for us, but what about babies? Can apples be introduced in babies’ diet? Yes, they can be introduced to baby food.

Check out some amazing benefits of apples for babies:

Cure Stomach Disorders

An apple can come in handy when babies suffer from stomach disorders. Peeled, mashed and boiled apple can be given to the baby. Apple can control stomach disorders.

Lower Bad Cholesterol

Apple has a unique quality to reduce bad cholesterol which in turns leads to a happy heart. Hence, apples can be fed to babies.


Dysentery is generally caused by bacterial, protozoan or viral infections. In such cases, ripe and sweet apple can be given as a treatment even in acute and chronic dysentery.


Infants or babies with a cough might not be able to get a good night’s sleep. Sweet apples are effective in reducing cough.

Boost Immunity

Apples have an antioxidant known as quercetin, which helps boost the immune system of the baby to build the natural defenses of the body.


As a parent, you must have realized that it is not an easy task to handle your baby while you travel. The baby does tend to cry a lot and mainly because of improper food.

Here’s a simple solution to this. Always pack any of these healthy foods to keep your baby smiling while traveling:

Fruit Purees

Simple to prepare and easy to digest. Blend some of your baby’s favourite fruits and keep it in cooler while on the go.


Porridge is a light meal which can be mixed with fruits or veggies, the way your baby likes it.


Rich in fiber, protein, and calcium, oatmeal is a healthy travel food for babies who are 6 months and older.


Khichdi is a healthy mix of proteins and carbohydrates which is easy to cook and fills your baby’s tummy quickly.

mint for toddlers

Mint, known as ‘Pudhina’ in Hindi, is enriched with Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Iron and Calcium.

It is one of the important foods that should be served to a toddler for its number of benefits.

Here’s why and how you need to introduce Mint in your Baby’s Diet:

Why to introduce Mint?

Mint fights against infections, constipation and improves digestion. It also maintains oral hygiene and treats bloating.

How to introduce mint?

  • Add a 3-4 mint leaves while preparing vegetable or fruit puree for your baby. This will infuse its flavour in your baby’s food.
  • Grind 3-4 mint leaves and add 1 cup yogurt to it. Mix well. Ensure the mixture is served at a normal temperature.

Health Benefits Of Oranges For Kids

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Orange is one of the best fruits which can provide essential nutrients to kids.

So, it is pretty much essential to include it in their diet. Let us take a look at the health benefits of oranges for kids.


Oranges contain high amounts of vitamins and minerals which are highly beneficial for the growth, tissue and overall development, and health of kids.

Improves Vision

Oranges are a rich source of vitamin A, flavonoids, phytonutrients, such as alpha and beta carotenes, lutein, beta-cryptoxanthin, and nutrients that help maintain healthy skin and mucous membrane of your kid’s eye.

Reduces Cold And Cough Troubles

Children often suffer irritation and weakness due to cold and cough, weakness due to cold and cough. Oranges serve as one of the best remedies for minimizing these best remedies for minimizing these troubles.

Offers Relief From Whooping Cough

Whooping cough is a highly contagious and weakening health problem that can affect your kid’s health adversely. Orange juice is an excellent remedy for treating pain due to a cough.


A deficiency of vitamin C can make your child suffer from symptoms of scurvy, such as make your child suffer from symptoms of scurvy, such as symptoms of scurvy, such as gum bleeding, tooth loss, acute pain in the joints, and easy bruising. Oranges helps in curbing all these symptoms.

4 Tips to Handle Hyperactive Kids

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Is your child Restless and Excitable? If yes, parents should know that your child is gifted with a creative, bright and talented mind.

But sometimes, as parents you tend to get impatient in dealing with their hyperactive behaviour!

Here are few tips that will help you deal with hyperactive kids by engaging their mind and body.

  • Channelize their Energy

Find activities to divert a child’s concentration by investing in classes which help them use their energy in physical activity and boost their memory skills and concentration.

  • Talking Simple with your Little One

Parents need to be patient when it comes to their kids. That little one needs your complete attention and hence you must be always there to listen to them. Hear out their concerns, interests, and apprehensions. Guide them through their own feelings telling them what is good and bad.

  • Behaviour Therapy

Parents should minimize distractions like screen time of kids and reward them for good manners, listening to you and sticking on a good routine. Always encourage them to establish order and let them know what is expected from them and why that thing is expected.

  • Keeping your child busy and motivated

Activities like Karate, Martial Arts, Music, Drama, Sports and other mind games are ideal for kids with short attention span and high energy to build their confidence and interest since it teaches self-discipline, build confidence, focus and develop enhanced coordination.