4 Tips to Handle Hyperactive Kids

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Is your child Restless and Excitable? If yes, parents should know that your child is gifted with a creative, bright and talented mind.

But sometimes, as parents you tend to get impatient in dealing with their hyperactive behaviour!

Here are few tips that will help you deal with hyperactive kids by engaging their mind and body.

  • Channelize their Energy

Find activities to divert a child’s concentration by investing in classes which help them use their energy in physical activity and boost their memory skills and concentration.

  • Talking Simple with your Little One

Parents need to be patient when it comes to their kids. That little one needs your complete attention and hence you must be always there to listen to them. Hear out their concerns, interests, and apprehensions. Guide them through their own feelings telling them what is good and bad.

  • Behaviour Therapy

Parents should minimize distractions like screen time of kids and reward them for good manners, listening to you and sticking on a good routine. Always encourage them to establish order and let them know what is expected from them and why that thing is expected.

  • Keeping your child busy and motivated

Activities like Karate, Martial Arts, Music, Drama, Sports and other mind games are ideal for kids with short attention span and high energy to build their confidence and interest since it teaches self-discipline, build confidence, focus and develop enhanced coordination.

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